The 5 Best Fall Fashion Trends for Women Over 60

My mother, Nancy, has been going through a few rounds of closet clean outs over the last few months to clear out items she isn’t wearing as much. While she’s definitely being strategic about her purchases these days, she’s using this purge session to make room for a few fall items she’s had her eye on. In fact, she actually messaged me a few of the pieces she’s personally over in her own wardrobe and wants to retire at the moment. With said messages, she also shared with me the items she’s seen around that she’s interested in buying into instead.

For the most part, the fall trends she’s feeling are modern yet feel timeless at the same time to fit within her more classic style. They’re also pieces that will probably have longevity and will hang around for a while. Keep scrolling to get a sense of the items my mom is retiring (complete with her testimonials) and some trends she’s ready to try as showcased on a range of our favorite fashion people. You’ll also uncover inspired shopping picks for each in case you’re interested in testing out any of the looks coming your way too.

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