The 18 Best Outfits Editors Wore to New York Fashion Week

I know Paris Fashion Week has just started, but I still can’t stop thinking about the ‘fits our editors all sported while attending New York Fashion Week at the beginning of the month. We’ve all been working from home so there’s been a clear lack of office looks (sometimes one of us wears a cute top on Zoom and we all cheer) but when it came to street style—we all brought our A-game. We try to bring editor styling as much as we can to WWW, whether it’s bringing the dressing room straight to your screen or showing you how we wear our latest collection drop, but fashion week is a whole other ballpark. It’s a balance of comfort for running around shows and fusing the season’s top trends with our distinct personal style.

Below, you can view our favorite outfits we donned throughout fashion week, a little story behind the outfit, and how to shop the look. Even if you don’t shop the pieces, there’s a lot of fun styling cues to learn from the looks below. Prepare to take notes as you read on.

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